Live Like Royalty at Merriewold at Highland Park

Welcome To Merriewold at Highland Park, NJ Apartments

Imagine being in an airplane admiring the sheer beauty of the clouds from 30,000 feet above. Now, picture yourself living in a Merriewold at Highland Park luxury apartment in Highland Park, witnessing a similar type of beauty. Never before have luxury Highland Park, NJ apartments combined this much opportunity and entertainment all in one location. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a luxury apartment home, this is your opportunity to do that and more. It’s your time.

The Merriewold at Highland Park Luxury Apartment Homes is more than just your average apartment. They give you the chance to live and experience luxury at its highest level. Surrounded by some of the most popular eating, shopping and playing experiences in New Jersey, these luxury apartment homes will make promises and keep on delivering.